TEC Exam PDF 2024 | TEC Final Questions and Answers 2024

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TEC Exam PDF 2024

Dear Friends, if you are searching for CSC TEC Exam PDF 2024. Then you are in the right place at tecexam.com. Here we are providing the csc tec exam questions and answers along with pdf. That will definitely help you in passing the tec exam and earning a tec certificate.

TEC Exam PDF 2024 www.cscentrepreneur.in

CSC TEC Exam PDF 2024 will help you clear the TEC Final Exam on 1st attempt. Because the PDF is updated with the latest tec final exam questions and answers. So, it surely helps you qualify for the CSC tec exam 2024.

The government has confirmed that the TEC Certificate is necessary to apply for Common Service Centres (CSC) in India. If you are one of those who are looking to apply for CSC through https://csc.gov.in. Then you must obtain a TEC Certificate from www.cscentrepreneur.in. Here are full details about TEC Exam PDF 2024 and TEC Final Questions and Answers 2024.

How to get TEC Certificate 2024

Friends, getting the csc tec certificate in 2024 is not much easy and also not tougher. If you follow the steps given below, you can get tec certificate 2024 for common service centers from www.cscentrepreneur.in.

Here are the steps:

  • First, you have to register for Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC) at www.cscentrepreneur.in
  • Fill up the details as per your documents and upload your passport-size photograph.
  • Submit the Registration Fee either via UPI, Debit/ Credit Card, or Internet Banking.
  • Your user id will be generated and your mobile number will be the password for login.
  • Qualify in all 10 assessments and final examinations to get the TEC Certificate.

TEC (Telecentre Entrepreneur Course) Final Exam Details

Before appearing in the TEC Final Exam 2024, you must know about exam details. As we are providing here:

  • Total Number of Questions in TEC Final Exam: 50
  • Passing Marks in Final Exam: 50% (25 Questions)
  • Type of Questions: Objective Type
  • Negative Marking: No
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Exam Timing: Monday to Saturday (10:00 AM to 05:00 PM)

TEC Final Questions and Answers 2024 PDF

CSC Academy created Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC). It is a certification course that help and facilitates citizens to access computers, the Internet, and other digital technologies. It is a necessary course for those who want to open Common Service Centres (Digital Centres) in India. Download Here TEC Final Questions Answers.

TEC All 10 Assessments Ques Ans PDF (May-June 2024)

Download Now (100% Pass)

tec final questions and answers
  1. Entrepreneurship is an Opportunity to Create Wealth
    • True
  2. A Successful entrepreneur Can Become Rich Very Fast
    • True
  3. Which of these is an example of entrepreneurship?
    • Starting a new type of restaurant in the city
  4. Are all People Who Start up a Business Based on a new idea always successful?
    • False
  5. Who Among These is a Successful Indian Entrepreneur
    • All of The Above
  6. Organizations are not entrepreneurial but people are entrepreneurial
    • True
  7. Does Entrepreneurship Create Job
    • Yes, it does
  8. ………………………….. is the specific tool of entrepreneurship
    • Experiment
  9. Which of these is the correct expansion of BATNA
    • Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  10. Entrepreneurs need to have……………. To be successful
    • Patience
  11. What are the factors to consider while evaluating whether an idea is an opportunity or not with respect to economics?
    • None of the above
  12. Cash flow simply put is the difference between the cash that flows in and cash that flows out
    • TRUE
  13. Why do we need to evaluate an idea
    • All of the above
  14. Strategic value comes from having important……………… …………. or a…. ……… technology that has strategic value to an incumbent in an industry
    • Customer, Contribution or a Propriety Technology
  15. Many times technology start-ups that have accumulated losses and modest sales get acquired for many times they are worth
    • TRUE
  1. Direct Labor Cost includes salaries of executive, Salesperson, commission paid to the sales team, advertising, utilities paid for the administrative building
    • TRUE ( सही )
  1. …………………………….The key determination of the cost of goods sold (COGS) which appears on the P&L statement
    • Indirect Cost
  2. Direct Material Costs are high or significant for service companies like Infosys, Wipro, state bank of India, ICICI BANK, etc
    • TRUE
  1. ………………………. is the cost of any material directly used in the production of the output
    • Expired Cost
  1. All expenses on the P&L statement represent expired costs whereas assets on the balance sheet represent an unexpired cost
    • TRUE
  1. Entrepreneurs effectively sell their products or service to clients and customers which trait is being discussed here
    • Optimistic Nature
  1. A software engineer wants to open an online app that can easily connect customers with doctors in the city. also help patients to book appointments and share reports with other doctors for second opinions. What should he do?
    • All of the above
  1. Absorptive Capacity comes from prior, related knowledge to be able to make sense recognize the value of, and use new information.
    • TRUE
  1. What is the role of a weak tie
    • Both are Correct
  1. Entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways of doing things and how they can make them better. Which trail is being discussed here?
    • Creativity

TEC Final Exam 200++ Ques Ans PDF (May-June 2024)

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